“I want to thank the students for what you’re doing. It’s truly incredible to me and it’s something I feel honored to be apart of.”
-Curtis Martin, Former New York Jet

“I am impressed to hear of your efforts to raise money for ALS. The fact that you are so philanthropic at such a young age and are thinking of something bigger than yourselves is really a wonderful thing to witness.”
-Katie Couric, Newscaster

“Watching these kids create this event when their two teachers and mentors were diagnosed with ALS is something that I am so happy to be a part of.”
-Nick Swisher, New York Yankee

“I hope that one day my two daughters and son will be a part of something as beautiful and warm and as caring as tonight.”
-Adam Graves, Former New York Ranger

“Five years ago you said you will not take this anymore and you became successful in making a difference in the world.”
-Richard Kind, Actor and Comedian

“I am stunned by the outreach of a group of high schools kids. This day and age it doesn’t happen often. I am incredibly proud of the work you’ve done for ALS. It means something to me that kids at your age are getting involved and changing peoples lives.”
-Curt Schilling, former Boston Red Sox pitcher

“I mean this with all of my heart. If my daughter grew up to have any of the qualities that you all possess – the integrity, the dream and the ability – I would be the proudest mother on earth.”
-Caroline Rhea, Actor and Comedienne

“I am proud to know the future is in the hands of students such as you after learning about your work on ALS and the opening of your philanthropy center.”
– Curtis Granderson, New York Yankee