SAVE THE DATE: May 22nd, 2014 – 10th annual event at oheka castle

Over eight years ago, a dream was born and a journey had begun. Every January, AMND hosts a gala at Oheka Castle attended by over 600 guests including ALS patients, friends, families, research centers and celebrities. The students of AMND spend over ten months gathering corporate sponsorships, soliciting local restaurants and businesses for raffles, donations and journal ads. On the day of the event, the students spend all day setting up the castle, picking up the food at local restaurants and making sure the stage is set for a magical evening. AMND students run the entire event, including creating marketing flyers, selling tickets, making raffle baskets and organizing a silent auction. Each year, the committee is comprised of about 40 high school students, ranging in age from 10th grade to 12th grade.

At each gala, AMND runs a student presentation that is highlighted by a guest speaker and a Hero for Hope award. The Hero for Hope award is presented to those who show leadership qualities and strive to help others in need. These recipients have given their time and energy to charity and the students honor them for their dedication. Below are previous year’s recipients:

Hero for Hope Award Recipients:

  • 2005: David Cone
  • 2006: Billy Baldwin, Tommy John
  • 2007: Howard Cross, Curt Schilling
  • 2008: Edie Falco
  • 2009: Adam Graves
  • 2010: Nick Swisher, Larry Tarica
  • 2011: Curtis Martin , Chris Pendergast, Curtis Granderson
  • 2012: Christine Taylor,  David Roberston, David Quigley
  • 2013: Vincent Piazza, Holland Reynolds

Guest Speakers:

  • 2005: Dr. Jeffery Rothstein, Director of Robert Packard Center
  • 2006: Dorine Gordon, President of ALSA and Dr. Ratnesh Lal
  • 2007: Valerie Estess, Founder of Project ALS
  • 2008: Warren Schiffer, Founder of Wings Over Wall Street
  • 2009: Debbie Wilpon, Project ALS Board Member
  • 2010: Caroline Rhea & Richard Kind, Actors
  • 2011: Caroline Rhea, Richard Kind, Valerie Estess, Billy Baldwin, Vincent Piazza

Linda Knudsen Courage Award:

  • 2007: Kiley McDonnell
  • 2008: Erica Josephson
  • 2009: Lexie Attardi
  • 2010: Addie Fishstein
  • 2011: Bradley Shutka
  • 2012: Arizona Hutchinson

AMND Student Committees: