Philanthropy Center

Since the doors to the Philanthropy Center have opened in June of 2010, AMND has aimed to motivate, inspire and empower students’ desires to change the world. We have done so by hosting a range of different classes, programs and lectures at the Center that focus on enriching the altruistic perspectives of teenagers, adults and children alike. The focus of the programs offered through the Philanthropy Center teach the principles and techniques of fundraising in either a two, five or ten hour course. All courses are taught by AMND, Inc. staff which includes certified teachers, Northport High School alumni, and college undergraduate/graduate students from top universities including New York University, Villanova University, Duke University and Columbia University. In addition, the AMND Philanthropy Center Committee, comprised of sixteen high school students, assist our staff at each of the events. It is our mission to team these high school students up as mentors for younger Philanthropy Center students in each class to create a more intimate learning experience. Additionally, the Philanthropy Center hosts monthly children’s events that focus on a specific theme and a charity.

Philanthropy Center Video

A Midwinter Night’s Dream Philanthropy Center from A Midwinter Night’s Dream on Vimeo.

Membership Program

Become a kid’s only member!

Open to all kids K-8!

For $15 you can become a member of the Philanthropy Center. All members can attend any Philanthropy Center sponsored event. You will receive a “Kids Care!” card which will track every event and workshop you attend with a sticker. If you get 10 stickers you will receive a prize! Every month the Philanthropy Center will host workshops just for you. You and your family will receive a seasonal newsletter about what’s going on at the center.

Upcoming Events

Our next event will take place on Saturday,
April 28th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. (Please see attached file.) The theme
for our event is, Philanthropy is Music to Our Ears, and is
coordinated by an outstanding team of Northport High School students.
Please join us for two-hours of fun as students will participate in
crafts, games and stories that relate to our music-themed event. All
student in grades K-5 are welcome to attend. On the night of the
event, students will be asked to bring a $10.00 iTunes gift card or a
pair of headphones which will benefit Music and Memory
(, a non-profit organization dedicated to
bringing personalized music into the lives of the elderly.
Registration is limited to 30 students.

To register, please contact Bryan Horan at or For
more information about AMND or the Philanthropy Center, please visit
our website –